Unwinding at Meraki Cafe

If you’re someone that has a listicle of things to do, priorities and hardly any time to yourself it’s about time you visited this quaint cafe tucked in a deserted street at Abhiramapuram

As soon as you enter the cafe you’re surrounded by a bright wall and a nice sit out place, as you walk in, there is a space inside dedicated exclusively for a retreat. As soon as you open the main doors a slight aroma of lavender wafts through and the antique lamps make the retreat much more relaxing.

You’re taken into a room with an oval-shaped pod right in the center, it’s a white big round shaped pod filled with Epsom salt and water known as the NapPod. Once you enter the pod you can either sit back and relax or remain afloat in the water. Epsom salt is known to reduce the inflammation, promote blood circulation and relax the body even deeper. With 60 minutes to yourself, it’s an absolute retreat in your own cocoon.

Once you’re done with the retreat you can hang outside and order yourself quick snackers or sip some apple cider vinegar or go with the blueberry rush if you like to drink something sweet.

I happened to try paneer cigars which were delish which was served with mayo and sauce. I was hovering over the pasta menu next and ordered for Beetroot pasta, a dish that I thought I wouldn’t try because I’ve avoided beetroot almost all my life. When the dish landed on my table it was pink colored wheat pasta with perhaps a transparent sauce that I couldn’t identify, topped with garlic bread. Even though it felt pretentious at first, it all melted down when I took the first bite, it was all sorts of yum and creamy. You can always tell them if you’d like a rather dry version or a saucy version, they’re ready to make it exactly the way you want it.

My brother, who tagged along with me wanted to try a sandwich so he ordered a classic paneer cheese sandwich and it was just like any other sandwich we had eaten. There was quite a lot of options from the menu like Nachos, Salad’s for people who eat on a lighter note, but we were almost full.

Even after all the food thulp, we still had space for desserts while he went for the chocolate mousse I decided to order the Gulab Jamun cheesecake. This is perhaps the most sinful dessert I’ve tasted till date that light cheesecake with Gulab Jambun in the center, I was in heaven. I don’t think I even mumbled while having my dessert, and that my friend is when desserts give you a high, literally.

This is a kind of go-to place for a retreat and to grab a quick snacker (I’ve heard they’ve also introduced new maggie flavors in their menu) All the more reason to hang out at a quaint cafe, I say.