Folk Routes with Mame Khan

On a normal day, a friend and I were discussing a few Indian bands from Indian Ocean to Raghu Dixit and out came Mame khan’s discussion. I was amused because I had no clue about the artist. However a YouTube scan later I was overwhelmed with his soulful music and was hoping to meet the artist or catch any of his performance live.

After a few weeks, as I was scrolling through my posts I came to realize that he was having a live show in my city. I was exhilarated that the universe was leading me where I really needed to be exploring new music and artists.

Let’s just say I commuted so much via public transport, only to have made it to the performance an hour late.

The crowds they were a humming to the soulful notes as the artist kept explaining the origin of a few traditional songs sung over for centuries only to have commercialized and become popular

We caught the artist for an interview afterward on asking about the amount of time he spends rehearsing he said “Mangniyars are known for their singing, we dislike being out of tune’ We’ve literally grown up listen to our fathers sing’ With modern day apps one can instantly sing practice anywhere they like to rehearse.We rehearse at airports sometimes”

On asking how the Chennai Audience has been he said’ Chennai is a music city, the audience has always welcomed me, I’ve been to this city thrice and have only got a positive response.