8 Life lessons Theatre taught me

On a cheerful Friday, while scanning my inbox, that had heaps of emails. One particularly distinctive one read out “You have NOT made it to the cast” with an added line popping out right at me stating “This does not make a judgment of your passion/talent or skill set.” I briefly looked at it and grinned.

The theatre was created, to tell the truth about life. Somewhere within me, I felt the urge to try it at least once, to learn to be more open rather.

I’ve been to a few plays where I’ve walked out introspecting myself; at some, my rage, that I didn’t think I had; regarding a particular plot, poured over a warm thin crusted pizza topped with mozzarella cheese. A few made me feel like I was a maniac laughing, being dazzled by the creativity and the performances.

When they say that trying random things will help you discover yourself, they truly mean it. This time I wanted to give this an actual shot without any expectations obviously.

An audition that I had signed up for, simply thinking there is no harm is signing up, that I had a restless feeling until I eventually ended up choosing to brace my anxiety and face it heads on. A good friend had told me to ‘be ready to feel embarrassed’. I didn’t know what that meant until the auditions off-course.

It had been time for me to take my spotlight, in front of an unknown crowd

The experience was unlike any other I was on a sugar high filled with anxiety, but a tinge of determination, to try every damn challenge. This experience shattered me from limitations, my perspectives all of them slightly shifted. I found relief within me, like somewhere within me I was waiting to open up to feel the fear release, to let go.

8 things going to auditions taught me

  1. It may seem too scary at first, sometimes simply signing up can help your brain re-wire what you really want.

  2. Don’t let the crowd get to you (When I went solo, I saw outspoken people with incredible talent, loud people and people who came in with their friends, it can feel alone at times, but just co-exist, breathe and live in the moment)

  3. If you’ve always wanted to do something different do it, you’ll have to get out of that boring fuzzy comfort zone of no growth. You’d rather say oh well, than If I would’ve

  4. No one gives a DAMN about you ( Thank god they don’t). If you sit there believing people are judging the way you act, dance or sing, you’re living in your bubble. People are out there only to play/be the best version of themselves and improve (All of us are filled with insecurities and we’re working on them one at a time, this applies to life too with real drama)

  5. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bad singer or an even worse actor, all that matters is you took your spotlight, you played your part despite the fear growling at you with all its might.

  6. Don’t let anxieties outweigh your dreams. You can have sweaty palms or you can have a feeling of panic with high pitched singing, but guess what staying in the same old place without moving or even trying will have you at worse.

  7. Other people can inspire you to open up. I know I pushed someone to go take the lead and just watching someone perform incredibly makes your self-doubt shatter to pieces.

  8. Try Everything, because you are simply there and you might as well try singing, dancing auditions as well. When the feeling of you knowing ‘Well since I’m here I might as well try everything’