To the Oddball

Among the cheesiest compliments, pout-a-licious selfies, embellished sarees draped perfectly along with matching jewelry, best-dressed community, who prod at themselves, and then there is me in a corner.

I feel like somehow I’ve surpassed the selfies, have no interest in dressing extravagantly for any occasion and mostly aloof, lost in my buzz of thoughts far away,  can easily claim to be the oddball of the family.

Social gatherings tire me, forget the urge to shop, just getting into a shopping mall is an anxiety filled ride by itself. Is there a feeling? Am I the only one?

After all, I’ve seen, sometimes, things really get to me. It’s an easy to pass off phase but then suddenly that feeling that maybe because I’m not good enough, people don’t hang with me becomes a huge deal, the feeling becomes overwhelming like it is today.

It seems a bit weird because it’s really been a while I’ve been feeling this way. Utterly non-existent entity, I can classify it into. More like if I were dead or alive it wouldn’t matter, anyway it frankly doesn’t because the world moves with or without you.

Sometimes, its really good until the world caves in, the problem looks a wee bit bigger than the solution and the only way out of this labyrinth is to totally avoid it

We’re the lonesomes, the one that ends up going alone to concerts, we don’t hesitate to eat solo, we’re those that feel absolutely lonely in a room full of crowd. We’re those who can be introverted extroverts at times. There are moments where we feel invisible and there are moments we smirk, pout and move along.





3 thoughts on “To the Oddball

  1. No, you’re not sailing alone. Our generation has been facing this situation and wouldn’t call it a ‘problem’ because of various reasons. It’s just a phase that keeps coming back and forth like you’re sitting on a swing, sometimes high sometimes low, and sometimes the wind has to take efforts to push us. So, it’s all ok to feel this way and I’m sure tomorrow you’re not going to feel how you feel today.

  2. I can totally relate. I can and do often feel lonely amidst a crowd of persons that I know and even love. I simply do not fit, not always anyway. I hate shopping for dresses – I hate shoes and purses, I love to buy books and music and tickets to events and travels. I cannot stand my colleagues chatting for hours about the best hairdresser or the best shop for undies or whatever is at that moment . I don’t care a damn!!!! I’d rather do anything else really!!!
    So you see, my dear miss, you are not alone in being alone!

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