A whiff of therapy

They held secrets known to many bygones of the ancient era. The Egyptians began processing the lotus flower blooming across the Nile river, preserving the essence of the oil in alabaster, a material known to seal and preserve.

Alabaster, a material made of precious stone found in Israel textured like the marble but delicate and known to seal fragrances, an expensive piece of a kind known for its symbolism in the Bible & Quran.

This Jar till date hold tales, secrets and aroma of the ancient era, these jars are still existing in the by lanes of the Egypt market sometimes holding ecstatic scents.

The Egyptians knew how to mix their cosmetics with it, oils were brought applied into their cosmetic uses, fragrance of remote origins, flowers, stem, roots, barks and the essence all preserved in a air locked jar.

Enter into a holy shrine filled with tea lights burning dimly and you’ll notice the light smell of incense wafting the air, a tradition which was passed on symbolizing that the prayers would reach the divine with the aroma. With good odor comes purity and the feeling of holy.

The discovery that led to the boom of aroma was that an explosion in the factory helped Rene Maurice, a French chemist discovers the healing properties of lavender as he applied it to a burn on his hand, and then this lead to more research on how these bottled essential oils could be used to treat burns, skin infections and wounds for soldiers during World War 1 and by 1950’s this aromatherapy was used by many.

When I was at school, I hopped to a store with mum and glanced on the oil section, I would inhale some or look dotingly at the back cover of the packaged produce. There were many kinds essential oils, aroma oils and mood oils. I did not pick lavender on the first go, I wanted to take a whiff of what I was going to buy and use, hence from thereon my experiments with aroma began, if I’ve ever felt like I needed to let things just happen and let it go I would use this either as a bath oil or a few drops in my scarf would do the trick.

Fragrances are a personal affair if you ask me. What might please you may not please the next person so it’s important to judge buying either on a sample or you could look at the ailments you are wanting to treat like say insomnia or so.

There are days when you want to bask in your space, light a tea candle in the yellow colored diffuser and listen to some classical music, that’s what I do when I need my quiet time to reflect and let things go.

Ever applied a particular perfume and it became your favorite, if a fragrance makes you feel great, well, that’s aroma working for you, however, this is only bordered to clothes when its perfumes and the same principle is applied to all your fragrant soaps, toothpaste etc.

The cue for buying oils is in the frequent products you use, if you like the mint smell of the soap then you could try peppermint. If your mood is down you have a couple of oils that can be mood enhancers keep your senses open and you’ll find your right kind.


2 thoughts on “A whiff of therapy

  1. Nice one.. Had me wondering what you were talking about till half way through….. Have also realised my perfume preferences have changed over time.. But yes do have those favorites which is use only on special occasions

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