Filling the Void


Is life all about filling that void with things, people and experiences or is it to let the void be without being too emotional about it.

The empty page on my computer and the arrow just blinking at me, pretty much like my life, I felt. The clock reminding me of the how unproductive I’ve been professionally and personally and the continuous battle with my mind and the heart. After much thought, I finally managed to muster up some courage to take a personal break from the nuisances of mundane life.

Tickets booked, bags packed and filled with dreams to my very first personal break in a new city, Coimbatore. After a few hours in the freezing compartment of the chugging train where I was fed to the brim and fell asleep quite so often, I almost fell like a toddler living his life.

Passengers scurrying about on their journey…

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