Filling the Void

Is life all about filling that void with things, people and experiences or is it to let the void be without being too emotional about it.

The empty page on my computer and the arrow just blinking at me, pretty much like my life, I felt. The clock reminding me of the how unproductive I’ve been professionally and personally and the continuous battle with my mind and the heart. After much thought, I finally managed to muster up some courage to take a personal break from the nuisances of mundane life.

Tickets booked, bags packed and filled with dreams to my very first personal break in a new city, Coimbatore. After a few hours in the freezing compartment of the chugging train where I was fed to the brim and fell asleep quite so often, I almost fell like a toddler living his life.

Passengers scurrying about on their journey with bags of all sizes, some, peering ahead with full speed nudging others, while some coolly walking out. Platforms and train stations were places abuzz of full action of people, moments and off course home coming during festive seasons.

It’s quite an irony being in the city, which doesn’t feel a tad bit different that the one you’re home to but since it’s a break, I’m exploring, walking and finding nooks and corners reeking the smell of books at discounted price. Hunting for a space where I can lighten up may be even get inspired or bring a purpose back to my life. But maybe we say things and complicate them or we certainly feel things will bring our old passion and pull out that old character from a closet of characters stored up within you but you don’t end up finding anything.

You walk you juggle you misinterpret you struggle you pull you push you fight to bring drama to life. And all this happens when you decide to travel hoping it may bring back the unknown part of yourself back to life. The coffee feels a little cold while you contemplate life and invigorate it piece by piece as if by doing so it’ll somehow go back to being what it used to be.

Clearly the past doesn’t divulge into the present, streets look the same yet the change so much it’s hard to accept when you look at them. Clearly we’re not discussing streets here we’re talking about ghost towns. The only difference between things was and things now are probably the world of our vivid imaginations that are full of warm fuzzy feelings that you want to feel again but all in vain.

Perhaps what we take we must leave behind and the doors that we open must be closed isn’t this life after all an act of filling the void with things and then slowly things making you emptier with a bigger void.


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