The Truth about growing up

I feel like a kid stuck in an adult’s body, acne scars and what not. No matter how many birthdays go whizzing past, you still feel the same within.

Then there are these eating habits which affect your physical health, forget mental because, well, let’s pretend we’re all doing so much more better in life.

Then comes the dreading hair fall, even if you keep this aside, the essence of happiness is just lost and life become more of the what you do for a living than what keeps your soul alive.

Then comes priorities, if you’ve watched friends until the very last episode, it just reminds you how shallow life is, people will leave you in ways you couldn’t imagine, and you’ll have to go on with your journey and if you’re lucky enough, you get to keep the memories.

You’ll really want to quiet the brain chatter , you’ll even succeed at times with a strong willpower and at other times you’ll fail and feel miserable.

Yes, the workload will be as usual and yes, you’ll cry plead and somehow get things done before a deadline, sometimes even after.

Then on a random day you’ll wake up feeling a year older and may be, just may be life will not seem so bad afterall.




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