Weighing out

Have you experience a phase of anxiety coupled up with binge eating mechanisms and then you just keep stuffing yourself until you feel better. But does this cycle ever end ?

Yes, I’ve actually had a lot of food and no, I still don’t feel any better. No amount of optimism on the internet is helping me calm myself.

There are lists piled up in a corner and deadlines soon approaching and all  I can really feel now is a rage of it own. Rage about self and every other decision in life perhaps.

The rage cycle doesn’t end with you feeling very fidgety and then regretting decisions about eating the very next day.

At times it feels so difficult getting through a day without your inside voices going all ballistic on you.

I’ve tried almost everything and I just want to give up, at times it feels like the problem is a bigger word than I am. I don’t know if its just me who at times want to scream out alone at things I really don’t have control over.

Also, how often do people really listen to us or they sit back and judge you on your choices of food and lifestyle without knowing the background.

While the struggle has always been with yourself you and the person you think you want to be vs those back stabbing mind voices that vont stop taunting you at every level, until you cry yourself to sleep.


One thought on “Weighing out

  1. This is a post that I can definitely relate to. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am following your blog so that I can read more.

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