A Swanky Ride

There are times when you commute from a long hard day and all you want to do is avoid people. Sometimes I think, if I were a cartoon character, it would have been amazing, Pull the time traveling door  and Voila you’re home.

While I tugged my bag and got out of the building, surpassing all the yummy smell of hot fried bhajji, which I  wanted to avoid eating after a really heavy snack . I walked through the rickshaw stand, not one in sight.

 I finally managed to catch an auto and sit back into my thoughts maze-like how traffic swiftly passes by .Suddenly I hear a really loud Hindi track and then realize it’s coming from the auto, a really old Hindi music track admiring the lover.

For a minute I sit there giggling listening to this track and  then all of a sudden the auto driver changes the track over and come’s another song with more cheesy lines while I try not to laugh. I take a good look at the auto it has a small green bulb and a sound system which is easily noticed when the blaring sound of the music hits the commuters and is embarrassingly observed by gawkers on the road.

While I had a smile on my face to the amount of situational songs the rickshaw walla had on his personal playlist. I reached home in no time and that too with free entertainment.

Perhaps all it takes is a moment, to change your mood.


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