The Truth about growing up

I feel like a kid stuck in an adult’s body, acne scars and what not. No matter how many birthdays go whizzing past, you still feel the same within.

Then there are these eating habits which affect your physical health, forget mental because, well, let’s pretend we’re all doing so much more better in life.

Then comes the dreading hair fall, even if you keep this aside, the essence of happiness is just lost and life become more of the what you do for a living than what keeps your soul alive.

Then comes priorities, if you’ve watched friends until the very last episode, it just reminds you how shallow life is, people will leave you in ways you couldn’t imagine, and you’ll have to go on with your journey and if you’re lucky enough, you get to keep the memories.

You’ll really want to quiet the brain chatter , you’ll even succeed at times with a strong willpower and at other times you’ll fail and feel miserable.

Yes, the workload will be as usual and yes, you’ll cry plead and somehow get things done before a deadline, sometimes even after.

Then on a random day you’ll wake up feeling a year older and may be, just may be life will not seem so bad afterall.




Weighing out

Have you experience a phase of anxiety coupled up with binge eating mechanisms and then you just keep stuffing yourself until you feel better. But does this cycle ever end ?

Yes, I’ve actually had a lot of food and no, I still don’t feel any better. No amount of optimism on the internet is helping me calm myself.

There are lists piled up in a corner and deadlines soon approaching and all  I can really feel now is a rage of it own. Rage about self and every other decision in life perhaps.

The rage cycle doesn’t end with you feeling very fidgety and then regretting decisions about eating the very next day.

At times it feels so difficult getting through a day without your inside voices going all ballistic on you.

I’ve tried almost everything and I just want to give up, at times it feels like the problem is a bigger word than I am. I don’t know if its just me who at times want to scream out alone at things I really don’t have control over.

Also, how often do people really listen to us or they sit back and judge you on your choices of food and lifestyle without knowing the background.

While the struggle has always been with yourself you and the person you think you want to be vs those back stabbing mind voices that vont stop taunting you at every level, until you cry yourself to sleep.

A Swanky Ride

There are times when you commute from a long hard day and all you want to do is avoid people. Sometimes I think, if I were a cartoon character, it would have been amazing, Pull the time traveling door  and Voila you’re home.

While I tugged my bag and got out of the building, surpassing all the yummy smell of hot fried bhajji, which I  wanted to avoid eating after a really heavy snack . I walked through the rickshaw stand, not one in sight.

 I finally managed to catch an auto and sit back into my thoughts maze-like how traffic swiftly passes by .Suddenly I hear a really loud Hindi track and then realize it’s coming from the auto, a really old Hindi music track admiring the lover.

For a minute I sit there giggling listening to this track and  then all of a sudden the auto driver changes the track over and come’s another song with more cheesy lines while I try not to laugh. I take a good look at the auto it has a small green bulb and a sound system which is easily noticed when the blaring sound of the music hits the commuters and is embarrassingly observed by gawkers on the road.

While I had a smile on my face to the amount of situational songs the rickshaw walla had on his personal playlist. I reached home in no time and that too with free entertainment.

Perhaps all it takes is a moment, to change your mood.

My tryst with waffles

When you have friends, that have a sweet tooth, you end up eating what they crave. Pair a gloomy day with a Friday feeling and call it a dose of high sugar.

We wanted to try out waffles from Waf’O’Bel which is tucked in a narrow lane full of greenery in Chetpet.

The entrance to the building is like you’ve entered a Zen zone filled with green spots here and there.

When you enter the café it’s pretty spacious with frames of comic characters like TinTin hanging on the wall. There are a lot of comic books around to get your nose into while you wait.

The menu is simple and explanatory by itself. While we were waiting we picked up a few tinkle books lying around and we chose a place near the window so  we could peer out for a view.

I ordered the ‘dream team Waffle’ and my friend wanted to try the ‘black and white Waffle, she’s more of a sweet tooth.

So what does heaven really feel like?  Imagine biting into a Nutella oozing warm waffle topped with fresh cream chocolate and a mango ice cream.The yum crunch of the waffle with Nutella and the melt in the mouth feel. I could call this a Friday feeling.

My friend, on the other hand, wanted to try the green tea infused with rosemary after her waffle affair. She felt the subtle taste of the rosemary was lingering even after.

The place is spacious and there’s quite a lot to try on their menu. Waffles, sandwiches in a creape which have interesting stuffings like corn, spinach, paneer stuffed into a nice thick crepe or you could sip on some hot/ cold milkshakes or tea.

The server recommended a cuppa hot chocolate after I finished my tryst with my waffle but I decided against it, as I was happy with my quota of dessert for the day.

Value for money and delicious lip-smacking waffles to dig your blues away.The best place for those keen on trying chocolate oozing waffles for dessert.

Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato