Ticking All Over

It’s been a while since I blogged. Whenever I find myself in utter chaos, I pick up a pen and start writing, it’s almost as if writing is a balm to the mind and the soul.

A string of letters and words finally come to paper, for a while the mind too gets diverted and just feels in the emotions of things.

I was wondering if nothingness actually brings out productivity. Like the inventor sitting laid back on an apple tree and then brining a new theory into perspective.

May be all we require is our heads to be free of clutter.

Another busy day at work, my phone buzzes me of yet another reminder of a tweet I’ve forgotten to see. Clients awaiting, inbox overflowing and constant on calls Pretty much the kind of life I’ve asked for.

Since our office is right opposite to a hospital, there’s enough traffic on the lane. People going about their life, the food bunks on the side of the road extremely busy, and people chatting and gobbling down a plate of hot samosas with Sundal.

The sun is setting yet the hospital keeps getting more crowded hour by hour and suddenly an ambulance screeches out of nowhere and for a minute, my chaos filled thoughts about work lay to rest. The sound of it merely reminds me that life’s too short, deadlines can last a day a month a year but what about death? It’s ticking while you’re collecting the pieces of who you are and it’s till ticking all through, while we looking busy and getting work done and what not. It’s merely funny that in the age of smart phones an ambulance is the only thing that reminds us to invest in ourselves, our experiences and our happiness.


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