The Red Box Food Review

Considering the fact that I’m a complete foodie and would choose food anytime over anything literally. My most asked question is always what’s for lunch when it’s like 7 am in the morning, followed by going to swiggy and getting more hungry while deciding to try out a new place.

After a rather long hunt I decided to try out The Red Box, chinese story.I placed an order for Shanghai Cauliflower Rice and I wasn’t disappointed.

The packaging came in a nice red box which is spill proof, and as soon as I opened it I found a box of gravy to go with the rice , though the yummy garlic Shanghai rice could be eaten just like that without the gravy.I’m really not a gravy person so to me the gravy was kind of okay, but if you are I’m sure you’ll love it.

Here there are lesser chances of you overeating because it comes in a propotion to the box, unlike many Chinese restaurants that tend to serve you big for the same amount 

The bill amount was 110 and my pallets were satiated. A good value for money for when  hunger  calls and you want is to try a new chinese takeout.


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