The day the Chaat House spared us

It’s been a long time since I met my bestie from school, no actually, I’ve met her a couple of times but this time I wanted to chill at her place and do a bunch of activities together.I believe doing nothing with school friends is like the best epic time ever spent, it’s called doing nothing and still feeling productive,  which is pretty much eating talking about life and laughing at everything

“Arey we should go out now and get some lunch. I’m hungry and then we’ll come back and I’ll show you around this place.” my bestie said and then we decided to go to Bombay halwa house to treat ourselves with yummy paneer fingers.

We went out hoping to find and have  lunch at 4 pm (expecting restaurants to serve us a paneer dish along with some butter smeared garlic naans)and all we got was nothing, literally nothing. Everything was closed . It took a bit of whining and determination to find us a quick place and the nearest place was The Chaat house, which none of us had experimented with.

We ordered a spicy pizza, pani puri and sev puri

The pani puri was really good according to my bestie. I had sev puri, it tasted okay, I’ve had the this chaat at better places. The pizza was just amazing the small kinds but just yum full of cheese and veggies along with the chit chat of life in general.

The bill was around 160 bucks.They have a whole lot on their menu including corn cheese toasts, tawa pulav, pav bhaji and so much more. Indulgence in a pocket friendly price is what I would call it.

We digested all of it by walking two kilometers and spending two fun amazing hours with a sunset view in the pool.

PS. There’s always like a drama to the day or an event which we never forget for years, I think perhaps those moments are what we really look back at to laugh out loud and feel lively.


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