Altering the course of life via a book

Have you ever experienced sudden transformation even without doing anything? Almost like your regular day has become slightly different, something has changed, it definately has, but what exactly?

I was feeling this a year back,when I had finished reading a particular book. It’s almost as if I felt the book changed the course of my life. I’ve read so many books till date but I havent had this experience with any book .

When I finished the book, it felt like everything had become slightly different. I don’t know if it was my vision, but things that were clear became choas again. I quit my job and started to feel terrible about a whole lot of things. I throughoutly felt it was the book that changed things.

Thing became more clueless, the questions outnumbered the answers and the brain chatter grew louder than ever before. I kept thinking if it was the book, cause suddenly I felt like I was no longer in control of things.

I eventually found another job and I fell in love with my work. I found some amazing people that I still connect to and are like a family now.

I really don’t know if it was the vision or the book, even though I hadnt moved, things changed by leaps and bounds that when I look back I’m simply astounded by how books can actually change things or how going to a play puts meanings into perspective and suddenly the fog on your glass clears out and the vision is perfect.

Have you had similar experiences with books or plays? Please do drop in a comment !


Ticking All Over

It’s been a while since I blogged. Whenever I find myself in utter chaos, I pick up a pen and start writing, it’s almost as if writing is a balm to the mind and the soul.

A string of letters and words finally come to paper, for a while the mind too gets diverted and just feels in the emotions of things.

I was wondering if nothingness actually brings out productivity. Like the inventor sitting laid back on an apple tree and then brining a new theory into perspective.

May be all we require is our heads to be free of clutter.

Another busy day at work, my phone buzzes me of yet another reminder of a tweet I’ve forgotten to see. Clients awaiting, inbox overflowing and constant on calls Pretty much the kind of life I’ve asked for.

Since our office is right opposite to a hospital, there’s enough traffic on the lane. People going about their life, the food bunks on the side of the road extremely busy, and people chatting and gobbling down a plate of hot samosas with Sundal.

The sun is setting yet the hospital keeps getting more crowded hour by hour and suddenly an ambulance screeches out of nowhere and for a minute, my chaos filled thoughts about work lay to rest. The sound of it merely reminds me that life’s too short, deadlines can last a day a month a year but what about death? It’s ticking while you’re collecting the pieces of who you are and it’s till ticking all through, while we looking busy and getting work done and what not. It’s merely funny that in the age of smart phones an ambulance is the only thing that reminds us to invest in ourselves, our experiences and our happiness.

The day the Chaat House spared us

It’s been a long time since I met my bestie from school, no actually, I’ve met her a couple of times but this time I wanted to chill at her place and do a bunch of activities together.I believe doing nothing with school friends is like the best epic time ever spent, it’s called doing nothing and still feeling productive,  which is pretty much eating talking about life and laughing at everything

“Arey we should go out now and get some lunch. I’m hungry and then we’ll come back and I’ll show you around this place.” my bestie said and then we decided to go to Bombay halwa house to treat ourselves with yummy paneer fingers.

We went out hoping to find and have  lunch at 4 pm (expecting restaurants to serve us a paneer dish along with some butter smeared garlic naans)and all we got was nothing, literally nothing. Everything was closed . It took a bit of whining and determination to find us a quick place and the nearest place was The Chaat house, which none of us had experimented with.

We ordered a spicy pizza, pani puri and sev puri

The pani puri was really good according to my bestie. I had sev puri, it tasted okay, I’ve had the this chaat at better places. The pizza was just amazing the small kinds but just yum full of cheese and veggies along with the chit chat of life in general.

The bill was around 160 bucks.They have a whole lot on their menu including corn cheese toasts, tawa pulav, pav bhaji and so much more. Indulgence in a pocket friendly price is what I would call it.

We digested all of it by walking two kilometers and spending two fun amazing hours with a sunset view in the pool.

PS. There’s always like a drama to the day or an event which we never forget for years, I think perhaps those moments are what we really look back at to laugh out loud and feel lively.

The Red Box Food Review

Considering the fact that I’m a complete foodie and would choose food anytime over anything literally. My most asked question is always what’s for lunch when it’s like 7 am in the morning, followed by going to swiggy and getting more hungry while deciding to try out a new place.

After a rather long hunt I decided to try out The Red Box, chinese story.I placed an order for Shanghai Cauliflower Rice and I wasn’t disappointed.

The packaging came in a nice red box which is spill proof, and as soon as I opened it I found a box of gravy to go with the rice , though the yummy garlic Shanghai rice could be eaten just like that without the gravy.I’m really not a gravy person so to me the gravy was kind of okay, but if you are I’m sure you’ll love it.

Here there are lesser chances of you overeating because it comes in a propotion to the box, unlike many Chinese restaurants that tend to serve you big for the same amount 

The bill amount was 110 and my pallets were satiated. A good value for money for when  hunger  calls and you want is to try a new chinese takeout.