The places that you want to go to
Who are you looking to meet
Memories of past ghosts lingering
Or things without life..

The same moment doesn’t repeat twice
While time dissolves like the ice
Where fate plays like a rolling dice
Or when people behaved nice to your face with all their lies

Where do you go, when there is no home
The feeling that I had 3 years ago I long for so much more
Far away from mundane city life
Beneath the cold starry nights



I’ve pushed people away
Many of them here are a part of a photo
A memory or a place
But how a sudden smell, a sudden voice
Can feel so prickly and teary eyed not wanting to deal with anyone or anything
Be at a distance and never get involved
Smile as much but only your inner soul knows
Rewinding tapes of events people places
I’m done with myself of my traces


Don’t meeting new people kind of exhaust you
From how much more you’ve to go
Where to start and where to reach
From what you talk makes no relevance
To the ones who’ve travelled an endless road
To the ones who’ve been there done that
While you are sitting idle downloading another app
To indoors to comforting life to live with
Outdoors once in a while to deal with
Forget the fields and the hay
Forget the farmers in the crisp sun during the day
Forget the stories that unfold and do what you’re told
Life perhaps is a consequence too late to understand