Have you watched cigarettes going to smokes
Life feels that way when your dreams go up in smoke
It is as if nothing ever happened
It feels like a lingering pain you have to put up with
One day can’t go thinking without while hope and dreams feel shattered.



At certain points I thought food was the only thing to go to when the world disappointed.
But now the filling food still feels empty
So empty to fill the huge vacuums which remain cold.

Food lost its worth in such a short time
Perhaps everything feels lost, outwardly you can look happy and fake it
Inside when you are with your self the mask shatters with a million shards of mirrors hurting you all over again.
Sometimes it feels like you’ve been stabbed over a thousand times until you cry yourself to bed.


I’m sure nothing reminds you, as it reminds me daily
Like my inner soul feeling every bit of the words, words which are lost
Or the midnight wailing of making my inner self understand how people function.
Sometimes it is those rewind conversations playing up a thousand times in your head.

Just another pause

My mornings feel rushy and flushed
And every Sunday evening I end up teary eyed with pain
And no it’s not the case of Monday blues
Perhaps no one will know how it feels when the only warm you feel is a glass of hot water
Or when its prickly with pain enough to give you a heart attack
I wish I had one right now, the pain too would end after it.
When your with the crowd and you still feel alone
Waiting for just another day to get done with
Leaving off to another morose world of deep thought
All to consume me until I finally give up.