L:Hey did you hear she’s quitting ?
H:Omg who who ?
L:And they’re finding a replacement
Even in life there is a replacement of people of best friends of everything.
The show must and will go on without you whether you’ve given your best shot or not .


Slow poison

I wish I never existed
Wish the effin pain would end
Wish I was better
At judging people all over again
Only if I sat in a corner
Of a dark room
Not involving anti socializing
Things would have got better in the end.
The nostalgia that the head spins off
Wouldn’t feed over the memories
And there would be none to say
Last words and nothing more.


The quiet lonesome nights, moist eye
Memories faded to black and white,
Dealing with them one by one
Left out, leftover ,aloof to face the raging emotions in my head.
Sleepless nights and the voices inside throwing tantrums, killing me one by one.

Weird world

The one you trusted betrayed you,
The bond broke like shattered pieces of glass.
A Million pieces faith broke into
And the only comforting things seemed like old cartoons and bottles of preserved nostalgia to bring tears.