Jagalur taluk visit Day 2

On the day of Eid,We went to the two villages Golaratti and Maranahalli and we tried to find out the issues in the area. We spoke to the locals and find out the problems there were with water issues, electricity problems and unemployment issues.

We spoke to ziyulla, a local in the village and he told us about the problems in the village and also about the water which was filled with fluoride content. We also spoke to zubeida , housewife who told us problems regarding drainage systems she told us that the every household had to dig a small pit and the used water was  finally disposed in the field as there was no drainage .

We also spoke to Ubed Ullah , a worker who told us that there were cards which were given to each family and in which employment of 100 days was a guarantee and the government was supposed to pay them and till now they have not got any employment or money .

The most amazing part was that there were 58,000 SC/ST in the Jagalur taluk and Golaratti and Maranahalli had most of them . Many familes did invite me for lunch as it was Eid .We were invited and we had bountiful  of non-veg eid special khaana and it was a very different experience being away from hostel or home

We saw fields of Jowhar, we also saw onions being packed and then carried over in small trucks while we were strolling our way



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