Jagalur Taluk visit Day 1

We were on a long journey ,doing our research on the destination got us a bit freaked out . We got in a bus at 6 AM  which would take us to Jagalur .As we travelled, we found ourselves napping all the way to Jagalur ,this includes being undisturbed by some loud local song in the bus .

Once we hopped off the bus with our luggage, our minds first hit with thoughts of Drought land ,and water high with fluoride content and issues that we managed checking out on Google.

Unloading our baggage at the Inspection Building, we started our first task which was to get to know the place

We first went to Kechanahalli ,to see the khadi being spun ,but sadly we couldn’t find any of them as they were closed .We found a lot of pumps on the way but they were all dried up.We also tried conversing with the villagers but we seemed to find no directions to our task

We spoke to a wood merchant  Husain  who told us that the small wood factories makes furniture’s of teak and mango  and that the locals get their furniture from there .Even the smallest repairs regarding to wood can be done there and also that business had slowed down because of lesser demands .

We also spoke to a corn seller called Tippaswami  who said that the corn production was doing good and that they were getting profits

we went  to the government hospital to get to know the wards in the hospital where we also spoke to Noor Ahmed ,staff in the general hospital there for testing of malaria ,flu ect .She told us that people with cases of Malaria , joint ache, fevers  are the most common .They also have tuberculosis  testing center and there are patients


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