Jagalur Taluk Day 5

On the fifth day, I had to ride my way to harapannahalli taluk where I met Anuradha .G  the assistant commissioner of police and  she gave us a picture on the reasons farmers die they were basically due to the water problem and high credit taken from the banks

Harpanahalli taluk was about 3 hours from Jagalur taluk, so I couldn’t find many people to speak but I saw the rarest things on the road. I have never seen a snake charmer before and I saw one on the road ,to add more drama the police came in at the right time picked the snake charmer and pushed him all the way and I got good photographs of him .On the way back I found chilly plants and sunflowers on the way .

We ate good food ,Had it been a photography trip I would just keep clicking as many photos as I want and then work it on photoshop .Though it was a reporting trip it was fun ,informative and people in the villages were very kind to provide us with a lot of information regarding the problems they face which includes ,coming on camera .I just loved the trip and then we all eagerly packed and got an experience , a wonderful experience with loads of memories and experiences of real India.





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