Jagalur Taluk Day 4


On the fourth day we went to the General hospital again and met Dr. Ravikumar, medical officer .He gave an insight to the cases he gets on a daily basis which are fever which also has symptoms of body ache and fluoride related issues Including he said that there are also cases  in which farmers drink pesticide and die .We asked questions regarding hospital facilities ,and the doctor answered to most of our questions  regarding hospital facilities .

We took videos and photos of the hospital and we spoke to a teen named Ravi, a victim of child labor who burnt his hands and legs while working at a hotel in Bangalore .We tried talking over to his parents but they wouldn’t give us more information about why he was transferred to Jagalur .Though the family said that his treatment was going to be cheaper in this hospital.

Then we decided we would visit the police station and we met Mr. Anand sub inspector of police and he told us that the Jagalur taluk was the taluk with lowest crime this year .He compared last year’s crime rate which was about 279 cases and this year the crimes have reduced 115 cases .In cases there were many cases of accidents as NH13 and family fights and also records of farmers who suicide were known

I decided to also go the Pragatiya Gramin bank and I spoke to the bank manager regarding schemes being given to the farmer for loans and schemes. I found out that  there were about 500 kisan credit cards given to farmers who held an account with the bank.


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