Jagalur Taluk Day 3

On the third day I went to a forest called the Rangaiadurga Forest where I spotted many birds though we were travelling on the road we couldn’t figure out which part is the forest .We also tried a hand at hiking and the forest is a place for photographers .You could take some amazing pictures of the mountains and when evening falls the mountains look mystic.

I also went to the Muslim area behind the hospital and spoke to Ja sadiq Ahmed ,who is a scrap dealer he spoke about how employment have become really difficult as there are no industries because of the water issues and that they sell and get enough to feed the family .

I also spoke to Mohammed Sajid  who is a painter .He explains in details because of un-employment many are travelling to other villages to work in coffee estates .He also explains that people who want more money travel to Bangalore to get jobs, others travel to nearby village in hunt for a job.

I also travelled to Donehalli village to interview and talk to a lady whose husband was a farmer and he suicide .She told us that because of bad credits and no profits because of no rain the crop production turned in low and the farmer drank suicide and died and the family is not yet got its refund from the panchayat.


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