Jagalur Taluk Day 5

On the fifth day, I had to ride my way to harapannahalli taluk where I met Anuradha .G  the assistant commissioner of police and  she gave us a picture on the reasons farmers die they were basically due to the water problem and high credit taken from the banks

Harpanahalli taluk was about 3 hours from Jagalur taluk, so I couldn’t find many people to speak but I saw the rarest things on the road. I have never seen a snake charmer before and I saw one on the road ,to add more drama the police came in at the right time picked the snake charmer and pushed him all the way and I got good photographs of him .On the way back I found chilly plants and sunflowers on the way .

We ate good food ,Had it been a photography trip I would just keep clicking as many photos as I want and then work it on photoshop .Though it was a reporting trip it was fun ,informative and people in the villages were very kind to provide us with a lot of information regarding the problems they face which includes ,coming on camera .I just loved the trip and then we all eagerly packed and got an experience , a wonderful experience with loads of memories and experiences of real India.





Jagalur Taluk Day 4


On the fourth day we went to the General hospital again and met Dr. Ravikumar, medical officer .He gave an insight to the cases he gets on a daily basis which are fever which also has symptoms of body ache and fluoride related issues Including he said that there are also cases  in which farmers drink pesticide and die .We asked questions regarding hospital facilities ,and the doctor answered to most of our questions  regarding hospital facilities .

We took videos and photos of the hospital and we spoke to a teen named Ravi, a victim of child labor who burnt his hands and legs while working at a hotel in Bangalore .We tried talking over to his parents but they wouldn’t give us more information about why he was transferred to Jagalur .Though the family said that his treatment was going to be cheaper in this hospital.

Then we decided we would visit the police station and we met Mr. Anand sub inspector of police and he told us that the Jagalur taluk was the taluk with lowest crime this year .He compared last year’s crime rate which was about 279 cases and this year the crimes have reduced 115 cases .In cases there were many cases of accidents as NH13 and family fights and also records of farmers who suicide were known

I decided to also go the Pragatiya Gramin bank and I spoke to the bank manager regarding schemes being given to the farmer for loans and schemes. I found out that  there were about 500 kisan credit cards given to farmers who held an account with the bank.

Jagalur Taluk Day 3

On the third day I went to a forest called the Rangaiadurga Forest where I spotted many birds though we were travelling on the road we couldn’t figure out which part is the forest .We also tried a hand at hiking and the forest is a place for photographers .You could take some amazing pictures of the mountains and when evening falls the mountains look mystic.

I also went to the Muslim area behind the hospital and spoke to Ja sadiq Ahmed ,who is a scrap dealer he spoke about how employment have become really difficult as there are no industries because of the water issues and that they sell and get enough to feed the family .

I also spoke to Mohammed Sajid  who is a painter .He explains in details because of un-employment many are travelling to other villages to work in coffee estates .He also explains that people who want more money travel to Bangalore to get jobs, others travel to nearby village in hunt for a job.

I also travelled to Donehalli village to interview and talk to a lady whose husband was a farmer and he suicide .She told us that because of bad credits and no profits because of no rain the crop production turned in low and the farmer drank suicide and died and the family is not yet got its refund from the panchayat.

Jagalur taluk visit Day 2

On the day of Eid,We went to the two villages Golaratti and Maranahalli and we tried to find out the issues in the area. We spoke to the locals and find out the problems there were with water issues, electricity problems and unemployment issues.

We spoke to ziyulla, a local in the village and he told us about the problems in the village and also about the water which was filled with fluoride content. We also spoke to zubeida , housewife who told us problems regarding drainage systems she told us that the every household had to dig a small pit and the used water was  finally disposed in the field as there was no drainage .

We also spoke to Ubed Ullah , a worker who told us that there were cards which were given to each family and in which employment of 100 days was a guarantee and the government was supposed to pay them and till now they have not got any employment or money .

The most amazing part was that there were 58,000 SC/ST in the Jagalur taluk and Golaratti and Maranahalli had most of them . Many familes did invite me for lunch as it was Eid .We were invited and we had bountiful  of non-veg eid special khaana and it was a very different experience being away from hostel or home

We saw fields of Jowhar, we also saw onions being packed and then carried over in small trucks while we were strolling our way


Jagalur Taluk visit Day 1

We were on a long journey ,doing our research on the destination got us a bit freaked out . We got in a bus at 6 AM  which would take us to Jagalur .As we travelled, we found ourselves napping all the way to Jagalur ,this includes being undisturbed by some loud local song in the bus .

Once we hopped off the bus with our luggage, our minds first hit with thoughts of Drought land ,and water high with fluoride content and issues that we managed checking out on Google.

Unloading our baggage at the Inspection Building, we started our first task which was to get to know the place

We first went to Kechanahalli ,to see the khadi being spun ,but sadly we couldn’t find any of them as they were closed .We found a lot of pumps on the way but they were all dried up.We also tried conversing with the villagers but we seemed to find no directions to our task

We spoke to a wood merchant  Husain  who told us that the small wood factories makes furniture’s of teak and mango  and that the locals get their furniture from there .Even the smallest repairs regarding to wood can be done there and also that business had slowed down because of lesser demands .

We also spoke to a corn seller called Tippaswami  who said that the corn production was doing good and that they were getting profits

we went  to the government hospital to get to know the wards in the hospital where we also spoke to Noor Ahmed ,staff in the general hospital there for testing of malaria ,flu ect .She told us that people with cases of Malaria , joint ache, fevers  are the most common .They also have tuberculosis  testing center and there are patients