Rains & Leeches: My experience in the Jungle

“At two o’clock in the morning, if you open your window and listen,
You will hear the feet of the Wind that is going to call the sun.
And the trees in the Shadow rustle and the trees in the moonlight glisten,
And though it is deep, dark night, you feel that the night is done.” 
― Rudyard Kipling

When Rudyard Kipling wrote these lines, what did he experience? I thought to myself. And then I took the steep path into the Jungle to unfold my own myth.

A backpacking journey into the jungle with no mobile phone towers or electricity is something I ideally wanted especially after I had read a book about forests and Leopards in the wild.

The cold winds of December swirled around as we were entering Ooty, the hairpin bends lead us into foggy roads with big trees of sal, pine, and eucalyptus. The fluffy coat of clouds drizzled and then poured. Everywhere we turned we saw streams and countless waterfalls, it felt like the hills are alive again humming their forest song.

Armoured with sweaters, we had nothing to be afraid of except of course the uphill traffic and tree uprooting which had caused a mere hour delay and a delay makes city dwellers really understand the rules of the hills, that the trees rule the land, almost always and then when an uprooting takes place you realise that it becomes an even greater challenge for the traffic than the ones encountered in the city. The entire travel comes to a halt and that even to clear the premises with the police on their toes can get a lot challenging. Once the sight was clear, we slowly moved ahead and kept going until we reached our camp area.

An army truck was waiting, as our bus entered the campsite. Next thing we were packed into the army truck with our luggage and the ride and sitting inside one everyone felt like a causality traveling through murky roads, that sometimes it took the engine double the amount of fuel when the wheels got stuck into a loose ground.Making a halt the guide said ‘You’ll have to trek through the woods from this point”. I was allowed the permission of traveling in the truck because of the injury I had a day back.

Despite the injury or the trainer advising me to take the truck instead, I wanted to experience the walk through deep woods, to experience a world of imaginary forests that authors pen about in their books. After a brief round of introduction with the trainer in regards to the jungle, we had a guide who told us about the wild we may get to chance upon, only if we were really quiet.

We began slowly moving into the woods, the eerie quiet space with the random sounds of the forest felt very scary at first, it was almost like Murakami wrote in his book, it’s so quiet and so eerie at the same time that it could easily haunt anyone.

“Not just beautiful, though — the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they’re watching me. What I’ve up till now, what I’m going to do — they know it all. Nothing gets past their watchful eyes. As I sit there under the shining night sky, again a violent fear takes hold of me. My heart’s pounding a mile a minute, and I can barely breathe. All these millions of stars looking down on me, and I’ve never given them more than a passing thought before. Not just the stars — how many other things haven’t I noticed in the world, things I know nothing about?” 
― Haruki Murakami

In the quiet forest trek, I could hear a stream from afar, and the call of the langur and the sound of the rain pounding on us. When you’re in the wild all these sounds from the jungle are scary any sound from a distance seems to haunt you.  just the sound of people chatting on the path would bring comfort, most of these fellow mates before me were hardly seen as I was taking my time for the climb, I kept thinking what if we saw a tiger in all its vicinity but found it fortunate to not encounter any but only spotting pug marks of the wildcat on a different path.

At first, it was the uphill climb, then it was my footwear that was causing distress and the sudden bouts of heavy rains that made giant puddles of slushy loose mud. The leeches were also a welcome, with the trek.

I slipped and fell countless times with campers to my rescue and when I finally saw the campsite I was truly happy. The excitement that came after finishing this two-hour trek was just mesmerizing It was a glorious time for photos as everyone from the team completed their trek.

On arriving we were lead to the fireplace where the entire team huddled, next a bowl of salt was passed across the team religiously. The salt was then applied to the leg, almost everyone had donated blood, donated because we were all bitten by leeches. I seemed to have at least seven due to open footwear. Blood oozed from the areas and the salt remedy worked. I think we grew so familiar with leech therapy that none of us were scared about getting a leech bite.

There were two options dorm or the tent. I wasn’t very comfortable with sleeping in the wild with a tent, so I picked dorm naturally. The weather was a biting cold so much that even sandwiching between two blankets gave you the chills. Many others picked the tent over the dorm they had an additional activity to do every night, which was to look out/ collect any leeches around/inside the tent only then they could sleep.

With no electricity, there was no hot water. However, we learned to adapt to the jungle, most of us took a bath in ice cold water and then followed it up with the warm dinner and a glass of hot boost. It was only a feasible idea to use the loo before it got really dark. We all carried a torch and had to accompany someone who was using the restroom because we were in the wild. In the dark, you could hardly spot anything even the loo at the time was not spared from leech invasion. The instructor had also told us about wild bores, that they were very much active during the night.

The next day our call time was 6.30am in the morning and it was so cold everything was freezing including the water, the smoke dispersed into the air when any of us spoke. Geared in my sports shoe I was ready. The breakfast was mighty with idly and deep fried vadas that everyone wanted a second round of.

We started walking towards the pine forest we crossed a few streams and we were near the lake. The canoe boats in bright yellow and dull green and grays were laid out. The instructor took 20 minutes to explain the mechanism of being in a canoe or most importantly what to do when the boat capsizes, which was frequent according to him.

We had about three boats and people who knew swimming and wanted to experience first hand went in. In the beginning, I wasn’t going to try it but after watching my fellow campers taking to the lake alone I changed my mind. When the time came I sat in the single seat of the canoe, it felt as if I was being slipped into a coffin with the legs being placed inside and hardly having any control over the legs. After a word of encouragement, those fellow campers gave me my boat a push. I was alone with the boat the paddle and the water beneath me which had always managed to overwhelm me. I was quietly floating across in my bright yellow colored canoe, spotting fishes and taking my time to ease up while I was at it. I did feel panicky when I wanted to return back to land but I did conquer the fear of water, boats and the balance part of it. After many victories and a few whose boat capsized (including my brothers and other few people).

We headed upward for our next activity a colorful dart board was placed at a distance and a set of arrows were neatly laid out in a bag. Archery it was, with the fist-rest we were equipped with basics on shooting. It looked easier but the amount of pressure that the bow required to shoot the arrow was an incredible amount. While some of us had missed shots, some managed to get their arrows on the board. After an extended hour of cricket, we arrived for lunch.

Gorge walking was next, I was told that this was the most challenging walk amongst slippery rocks and deep mud and mostly an uphill climb amongst the breathtaking views. I decided to bunk this activity and decided to sleep over until evening while the campers met near the campfire for Christmas activities, a couple of songs with tasks and then we all relished the dinner along with rosemary tea which was then followed by a story-telling session near the camp-fire about animal encounters.

The next day we were ready to get back to the hills with all our bags lined up, the army truck loaded our luggage as we climbed into it. The grilling ride inside the army truck is an experience by itself especially with the off-roads. Even a normal person would become a casualty case in an hours worth travel on bad roads in that truck. Once we were near the emerald lake, we walked down to the lake, the waters were untouched and it was so serene you could drown for hours at the view.

With the tower being back, almost everyone snapped back into their screens. From then on the bus was loaded with luggage and we headed towards Ooty botanical gardens from there the road downhill was amazing with a halt especially at a chai bunk where the chilly fritters were welcome with the weather. Dinner was light at a petty highway bunk shop. Even though my foot was completely swollen either because of the leech bite or the injury. It was a trip I truly devour till date.








My tryst with waffles

When you have friends, that have a sweet tooth, you end up eating what they crave. Pair a gloomy day with a Friday feeling and call it a dose of high sugar.

We wanted to try out waffles from Waf’O’Bel which is tucked in a narrow lane full of greenery in Chetpet.

The entrance to the building is like you’ve entered a Zen zone filled with green spots here and there.

When you enter the café it’s pretty spacious with frames of comic characters like TinTin hanging on the wall. There are a lot of comic books around to get your nose into while you wait.

The menu is simple and explanatory by itself. While we were waiting we picked up a few tinkle books lying around and we chose a place near the window so  we could peer out for a view.

I ordered the ‘dream team Waffle’ and my friend wanted to try the ‘black and white Waffle, she’s more of a sweet tooth.

So what does heaven really feel like?  Imagine biting into a Nutella oozing warm waffle topped with fresh cream chocolate and a mango ice cream.The yum crunch of the waffle with Nutella and the melt in the mouth feel. I could call this a Friday feeling.

My friend, on the other hand, wanted to try the green tea infused with rosemary after her waffle affair. She felt the subtle taste of the rosemary was lingering even after.

The place is spacious and there’s quite a lot to try on their menu. Waffles, sandwiches in a creape which have interesting stuffings like corn, spinach, paneer stuffed into a nice thick crepe or you could sip on some hot/ cold milkshakes or tea.

The server recommended a cuppa hot chocolate after I finished my tryst with my waffle but I decided against it, as I was happy with my quota of dessert for the day.

Value for money and delicious lip-smacking waffles to dig your blues away.The best place for those keen on trying chocolate oozing waffles for dessert.

Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Waf O'Bel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Unwinding at Meraki Cafe

If you’re someone that has a listicle of things to do, priorities and hardly any time to yourself it’s about time you visited this quaint cafe tucked in a deserted street at Abhiramapuram

As soon as you enter the cafe you’re surrounded by a bright wall and a nice sit out place, as you walk in, there is a space inside dedicated exclusively for a retreat. As soon as you open the main doors a slight aroma of lavender wafts through and the antique lamps make the retreat much more relaxing.

You’re taken into a room with an oval-shaped pod right in the center, it’s a white big round shaped pod filled with Epsom salt and water known as the NapPod. Once you enter the pod you can either sit back and relax or remain afloat in the water. Epsom salt is known to reduce the inflammation, promote blood circulation and relax the body even deeper. With 60 minutes to yourself, it’s an absolute retreat in your own cocoon.

Once you’re done with the retreat you can hang outside and order yourself quick snackers or sip some apple cider vinegar or go with the blueberry rush if you like to drink something sweet.

I happened to try paneer cigars which were delish which was served with mayo and sauce. I was hovering over the pasta menu next and ordered for Beetroot pasta, a dish that I thought I wouldn’t try because I’ve avoided beetroot almost all my life. When the dish landed on my table it was pink colored wheat pasta with perhaps a transparent sauce that I couldn’t identify, topped with garlic bread. Even though it felt pretentious at first, it all melted down when I took the first bite, it was all sorts of yum and creamy. You can always tell them if you’d like a rather dry version or a saucy version, they’re ready to make it exactly the way you want it.

My brother, who tagged along with me wanted to try a sandwich so he ordered a classic paneer cheese sandwich and it was just like any other sandwich we had eaten. There was quite a lot of options from the menu like Nachos, Salad’s for people who eat on a lighter note, but we were almost full.

Even after all the food thulp, we still had space for desserts while he went for the chocolate mousse I decided to order the Gulab Jamun cheesecake. This is perhaps the most sinful dessert I’ve tasted till date that light cheesecake with Gulab Jambun in the center, I was in heaven. I don’t think I even mumbled while having my dessert, and that my friend is when desserts give you a high, literally.

This is a kind of go-to place for a retreat and to grab a quick snacker (I’ve heard they’ve also introduced new maggie flavors in their menu) All the more reason to hang out at a quaint cafe, I say.



Wrapping up 2017

Dec-Jan is perhaps the most stressful as the anxiety of a new year kicks in. The anxiety of how it will turn out to be, or events you may have no control over.  I started 2017 on a not so positive note which kept progressing into an amalgamation of events, artists and people that I was truly baffled by, most importantly universe juice.

In February, the balmy skies took me to a Sufi musical concert. I was elated with music and contended with what life had to offer. Looking back I’m only grateful to attending this festival and listening to storytellers with their songs spun with wisdom.

For the month of April, I was unbelievably starring at an advertisement bearing a photo of Rashid Khan, I knew that moment I wasn’t going to miss the Live performance. I also learned to be more open to different experiences, even with music.

August came as a surprise to myself, as I went in for a play audition.(Note: I’ve never ever done this before). For someone who takes a lot of time to open up and express this was surely something off the hook. I had gone for the audition solo despite all the fear and anxiety and I took part in everything that was up for auditioning even if it meant feeling nervous, embarrassed and sweaty palms. Surprisingly theatre seemed to open me up a lot more and I had a lot of takeaway lessons, I didn’t think it could offer in a mere audition

October felt light and breezy as Three buddies boarded a government bus to Pondicherry. The trip was on a shoe-string budget and included random spurts of activity like sightseeing places that we weren’t aware of, doing random things and having woodfired thin crust pizza which was a pure delicacy along with a visit to book bargains. (Here is my visual journey of Pondicherry)

The Diwali time a friend and I took to Mahabalipuram to explore monuments on foot. I also had an opportunity to watch Mame Khan Live and be a part of a backstage interview (Thanks to a friend). If you’ve never heard of the artist I suggest you check out this track. The power of Folk music is just undeniable especially when it’s live

The month of December took me to the hills of Ooty, Avalanche and into a deep jungle which was packed with an adventure. I took to the trip with an injury I had a day early. It was truly a thrill-packed experience with the leeches and the rains.

I’m utterly grateful to the universe for having so many things aligned for me. I’ve met incredible artists, gone to amazing plays, found the healing power of theatre and traveled and experienced life as much as I could.


The Jungle Survivors Guide

How easy it is to pack a small bag and a backpack filled to the brim with all the essentials you’d think you’d require through the adventure camping within the forests. A medical pouch was arranged by my father, it’s his department to put all kinds of medicines explaining the need for it carefully inclusive of band-aids and balms into a nice Ziplock with was tucked deep into my backpack.

A smile grew on my face as we were boarding our bus to adventure camping in the hills with the idea of being cut off from the internet and phone. The ideal vacation in the hills of Avalanche I thought to myself. Little did I know my adventure was just about to begin.

New faces and new people, I always take time to open up to people and my intro was like none other because perhaps that was what fate had in store.

At around 10 am after traveling so many kilometers away from the giant-sized buildings and the monotonous traffic we were on a deserted road with a petty roadside restaurant in front of us as their men rolled the doughs into fluffy thin parottas, on the other side a generous amount of batter was poured over the hot tawa and out came crispy dosas. The roadside shops were also known for their ambiguous chicken/ omelet fried rice, however, I thought opting veg during the journey would seem the right option.

Blood on the Restuarant floor 

After my animated conversations with two fellow campers as I proceeded towards the handwash I had an embarrassing fall, I picked myself up and when I was back to my seat I felt my knee burn when I noticed my foot I saw that my toe finger had blood all over it, next thing it became a pool of blood on my floaters and in trying to pull my injured leg out and place it on the floor next thing the floor was full of blood. The situation became very overwhelming until my sibling called for help. The organizers were baffled at the amount of blood that had oozed out as the crowd pooled in to see what had happened. Then came first aid; a lot of these campers that I was hardly acquainted with came forward to help with all their might from cleaning my feet to washing my crimson red floaters that had blood on them and I was offered other slippers to wear ( That were not mine).

How grateful was  I was to having amazing campers on my trip. I muttered a sorry and thank you while I got on to the bus. This was, I guess my grand introduction to the team. What an intro, I had, I thought to myself.

Floaters- Why thy my enemy

What happens when an inexperienced person signs up for an adventure trip you ask? Well, they start to think trekking means walking on roads, maybe a long duration walk or something I had guessed. Even though I carried my shoes they were of no use after the injury.  I was adamant, I wanted my adventure despite whatever injury so with my flaws I walked into the biting cold journey through the jungle, the showers didn’t  stop, the muddy off-roads became murkier and my floaters had their new found freedom of gliding, slipping, tripping and falling. Oh, the number of times I fell is countless but the memories they remain intact. Let me leave this here during the trekking my floaters tore apart and thus I had to dump them there.

Branch support

I picked a long branch that I discovered as I was moving into the forest, with an injured toe and floaters that were so slippery. I decided to hold on to a stick to check the level of water even before I could put my foot in or to simply test loose ground and some of these offroad paths were slimy, which made the trek even more difficult but with this stick I felt like I was the wise Rafiki(Monkey) from the Lion King that’s exactly when I felt that with a branch support I felt stable all along the trek.


Mud- stained 

After that trek which felt rewarding right from the beginning to an even happier face after the completion of the trek came to our photo sessions. My clothes were mud-stained and I also realized the kind of clothes I’d carried were jeans. Next time I sign up I’d know the kind of loose, light clothes to carry around.

Your Tribe is your Vibe

The tribe is important and I understood this better while camping; from first aiders to amazing strong people that helped me throughout the trek. People who nudge you out of your comfort zone to go out and do something. They believe in you when you underestimate your capability and you finally do the impossible. A tribe is a tribe you walk along, you support and help each other.

Sibling is sibling love 

My little brother who accompanied, who actually signed me up for this adventure taught me a lot that I could have ever learned.  I had an amazing support system with wise advice and of course a whole lot of mockery because otherwise, it’s no fun.

Medical Aid

Many campers had fever while they were in the jungle, medical aid is a must so is first aid especially in a zone where it’s hard to get medical assistance for up to 15kms. When you think you may not require that balm or the specific relief cream. Dump it into your bag anyway for uncertain circumstances.






Folk Routes with Mame Khan

On a normal day, a friend and I were discussing a few Indian bands from Indian Ocean to Raghu Dixit and out came Mame khan’s discussion. I was amused because I had no clue about the artist. However a YouTube scan later I was overwhelmed with his soulful music and was hoping to meet the artist or catch any of his performance live.

After a few weeks, as I was scrolling through my posts I came to realize that he was having a live show in my city. I was exhilarated that the universe was leading me where I really needed to be exploring new music and artists.

Let’s just say I commuted so much via public transport, only to have made it to the performance an hour late.

The crowds they were a humming to the soulful notes as the artist kept explaining the origin of a few traditional songs sung over for centuries only to have commercialized and become popular

We caught the artist for an interview afterward on asking about the amount of time he spends rehearsing he said “Mangniyars are known for their singing, we dislike being out of tune’ We’ve literally grown up listen to our fathers sing’ With modern day apps one can instantly sing practice anywhere they like to rehearse.We rehearse at airports sometimes”

On asking how the Chennai Audience has been he said’ Chennai is a music city, the audience has always welcomed me, I’ve been to this city thrice and have only got a positive response.

A Pondylicious Getaway (Visually)

When three girls plan out a trip on a shoestring budget there is a whole lot more than just chaos and uncertainty.

Even though I’ve been many times to Pondicherry with family; this was a slightly different one. A  break from the monotonous work routine to just do random things with close friends you wouldn’t really otherwise sign yourself up to.

A girls trip was a much-needed one; especially because a friend was getting married soon and we wanted to savor a few moments to breathe, relax and have tons of fun. We took a bus to a city painted in yellow, whites and grey’s of quaint cafe’s, wood-fired thin crusted sinful pizzas or a  shoreline that every tourist envied- Puducherry or Pondicherry as they call it.


We headed to Auroville, after we checked in, with less time on our hands. Situated on the outskirts of the city was the spiritual center, a sprawling campus of Big Banyan trees and a green space that long walk towards the Matri Mandir. You’ll probably be greeted with cute cafe’s right as you enter. We decided to pick dreamers cafe for its vegan chocolate cake, pesto veggie sandwich and a scoop of freshly churned mango gelato for that hot afternoon.

After long hours under the sun and a pleasant evening, we decided to head back to our hotel and freshen up to ease up into the night which meant sitting by a beach facing restaurant with good food but fate had it otherwise. We ended up in a much better place which included a dance off, which I think I will remember for years to come; but the best part was walking to the cool breeze by the beach after late hours and witnessing the moon in its glory and the waves crashing ashore, everything felt very light.

The very next day we headed to Chunnambar boat house (Talk about long Que’s and an hours worth waiting time to get a ticket). Since we took this break on a long holiday, everything was full and stuffy. Once we got hold of our tickets the dilly- dally of the motorboat took us to clear skies trees dotted in a line, and lush greenery and halted by Paradise beach.


Paradise beach is a must visit,  with the sea on one side and the boat’s lined up at the other, it’s a really nice spot to break away from the bustle, bring a book to read along or just get your camera for the open skies and waves crashing over. You can also savor fresh prawns/ fish even squids at open thatched huts that serve up a delicious meal.

Our next stop from there was to visit a few monuments so we hopped into an auto and halted right near the train station. What we were looking at was a church built-in  1895 with gothic architecture at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus looking at the saintly figures painted on a tinted glass, or the detailing on the roof, even pillars made me wonder about the tantamount of detailing that went into building it.

Our next pit stop was a halt at a pizzeria place called Cafe Xtaci on MG road where one could literally smell the cheese wafting through the air as chefs were pulling out a large pizza from a wood-fired oven and then beginning rolling balls into thin flatbread to prepare another one with sauce fresh veggies and topped with cheese. We had a waiting time of 20 minutes and we decided to wait, and what a great decision that was.

We perched on high chairs with a view of the balcony, the cool breeze was an added plus along with the music tracks, that I was singing to. We ordered two cheesy thin crusted vegetarian pizzas and two starters. I wanted a chicken starter, to exclusively to polish it off by myself and ordered five-spice chicken, that chicken starter that was the bomb, I had tears in my eyes (Oh that lovely feeling). Pizzas were commendable and textured so well you could easily order a few more extras because why not with the cheese and thin crust and all that gluttony.

You know that exhilarated feeling when food brings that warm smile on your face. I was in a food coma, something that I couldn’t explain.I was ready to take a stroll afterward to shop for books, even cheese. We found a bookstore as we were crossing a lane, bought a few at dirt cheap rates and then decided to head back to the hotel to take our luggage and finally hop onto a bus back home.

Cafe Xtasi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

8 Life lessons Theatre taught me

On a cheerful Friday, while scanning my inbox, that had heaps of emails. One particularly distinctive one read out “You have NOT made it to the cast” with an added line popping out right at me stating “This does not make a judgment of your passion/talent or skill set.” I briefly looked at it and grinned.

The theatre was created, to tell the truth about life. Somewhere within me, I felt the urge to try it at least once, to learn to be more open rather.

I’ve been to a few plays where I’ve walked out introspecting myself; at some, my rage, that I didn’t think I had; regarding a particular plot, poured over a warm thin crusted pizza topped with mozzarella cheese. A few made me feel like I was a maniac laughing, being dazzled by the creativity and the performances.

When they say that trying random things will help you discover yourself, they truly mean it. This time I wanted to give this an actual shot without any expectations obviously.

An audition that I had signed up for, simply thinking there is no harm is signing up, that I had a restless feeling until I eventually ended up choosing to brace my anxiety and face it heads on. A good friend had told me to ‘be ready to feel embarrassed’. I didn’t know what that meant until the auditions off-course.

It had been time for me to take my spotlight, in front of an unknown crowd

The experience was unlike any other I was on a sugar high filled with anxiety, but a tinge of determination, to try every damn challenge. This experience shattered me from limitations, my perspectives all of them slightly shifted. I found relief within me, like somewhere within me I was waiting to open up to feel the fear release, to let go.

8 things going to auditions taught me

  1. It may seem too scary at first, sometimes simply signing up can help your brain re-wire what you really want.

  2. Don’t let the crowd get to you (When I went solo, I saw outspoken people with incredible talent, loud people and people who came in with their friends, it can feel alone at times, but just co-exist, breathe and live in the moment)

  3. If you’ve always wanted to do something different do it, you’ll have to get out of that boring fuzzy comfort zone of no growth. You’d rather say oh well, than If I would’ve

  4. No one gives a DAMN about you ( Thank god they don’t). If you sit there believing people are judging the way you act, dance or sing, you’re living in your bubble. People are out there only to play/be the best version of themselves and improve (All of us are filled with insecurities and we’re working on them one at a time, this applies to life too with real drama)

  5. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bad singer or an even worse actor, all that matters is you took your spotlight, you played your part despite the fear growling at you with all its might.

  6. Don’t let anxieties outweigh your dreams. You can have sweaty palms or you can have a feeling of panic with high pitched singing, but guess what staying in the same old place without moving or even trying will have you at worse.

  7. Other people can inspire you to open up. I know I pushed someone to go take the lead and just watching someone perform incredibly makes your self-doubt shatter to pieces.

  8. Try Everything, because you are simply there and you might as well try singing, dancing auditions as well. When the feeling of you knowing ‘Well since I’m here I might as well try everything’